Thanks to specially developed technology (utility model patent pending), DIGICORO does not require batteries or charging to operate. It’s a toy that can be played with anytime on an iPad, and small children can easily carry it around in their hands. With DIGICORO, there’s no hassle of changing batteries or worries about it breaking down.


DIGICORO is spherical, which helps make it tough and highly resistant to breaking. What’s more, the bumps are designed in a shape that makes them unlikely to be damaged or fall off. The materials for the product were specially selected to ensure a very high level of safety.


Growing children require stimulation through their fingertips.

It is said that the fingers of a child form an influential organ for sensory stimulation that is vital to the development of a child’s brain. Immediately after birth, babies are already moving their fingers, and they gradually develop to the point where they can touch and grab anything that catches their attention. Use of the fingers increases blood flow to the brain by 10% to send it more nourishment. In turn, this develops the nerves and activates both memory and thinking ability to promote a child’s growth and development.

Rather than playing using just their finger, small children can hold DIGICORO in their hand and roll it around. DIGICORO’s stimulation through the fingers mixes with visual and auditory perception and connects directly with the cerebrum, becoming important “nourishment” for the brain’s growth.


Coupled with its exclusive apps, DIGICORO offers unlimited potential for playing and learning. Currently, there are 10 different apps for playing with DIGICORO which stimulate intelligence and sensitivity through adventuring, observation, drawing, gameplay, and more.



More than just a toy for children, DIGICORO has plenty of potential as a gadget for people in music and graphic art production, game development, and other creative fields. There is also the possibility of developing effective rehabilitation apps for the elderly that feature music, rhythm, and graphics.

How to Play With DIGICORO

There are two ways to play. The first is “rolling” and the second is “balancing.”


Place the DIGICORO on the iPad and roll it around with your hand.


Place the DIGICORO on the iPad, then pick up the iPad with both hands and maintain the balance of the DIGICORO.


DIGICORO is a “Digital + Analog” intellectual training tool that has drawn attention at the Tokyo Toy Show and overseas trade shows, and has been featured numerous times in the media.


DIGICORO has acquired registered design patents in Japan, EU, USA, China, South Korea, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. Utility model patent for engineering design is currently pending.