Intellectual Training App: Sense of Balance/Concentration

Holding the iPad in both hands, roll the DIGICORO into the “hole” displayed on the screen to enter a new world in this new experience which combines balance with visuals. Enjoy the feeling of slipping down a hole as you keep your DIGICORO balanced on the screen. With every drop down a hole, you will discover a whole new world.

[How to Play]

Controls are slightly different from the other apps. Once you place the DIGICORO on the iPad screen, lift the iPad with both hands and roll the DIGICORO, being careful not to let it fall off the edges of the screen. This is a game where you hold the iPad to control the DIGICORO without touching the DIGICORO itself.

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Developer Minoru Sako(minsak)

Born in Okayama in 1981. After working as Business Architects, active as a freelance. Directors, Designers, Developers, working on Video and Web production in various positions.

Awarded domestic and international awards such as Cannes International Advertising Festival, TIAA, D & AD, Media Arts Festival.

A creative team focused on digital content production. Applications, installations and events using the web and video. Engaged in a wide range of creatives such as promotional videos and social planning.

Specialize in producing highly-designed content and create a consistent story experience. The goal of the “Better Content” team is to experience the right essence. Also good at multi-work that collaborates with various artists, and producing output that is not bound by the mold. That is a team "minsak".